Website Special

One-page website for small businesses that want an online presence!

Are you a small business, solopreneur, or a craftsman that just wants to showcase your products or services?

Do you have ‘Champagne ideas’ with a ‘beer budget’? 

We have the solution for you introducing our: VERY LIMITED website deal.

In order to give our new clients this wonderful deal we had to take a chance and we’re only selling 10 of these website deals. It’s a very limited offer.




One time cost?

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Limited offer Website special for a small business

Wendy from runs a life coaching business. She wanted to showcase her offerings, introduce herself to prospective clients and have her contact details displayed. This Website deal was perfect for her. Once I received all the info the website was completed in 2 days.

Have a look at her site


Think of this site as in 3 sections:

Top Section

This will be an introduction to your site, here you would find a brief description of your business, services, or products, the customers you are looking for and the area you service.

Usually with a graphic: this can be a product photo, simple background photo or video of your services?

Middle Section

Here you will showcase your products and or services. Using images or photos as well as a detailed write-up.

Any downloadables like brochures, e-books or pamphlets.

Bottom Section

Your contact details will be listed here.

  • Contact numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical address
  • Trading hours
  • Google Map
Please Note:

Information: The information you provide us needs to be free of spelling and grammar errors. We will do our best to ensure the text is clear and easy to read.

Product or services images: Please ensure you have the right to use the images you send us. The images are purchased or owned by you. We will not take liability if the royalties have not been paid.

If you need us to source images for you, this can be arranged and a separate invoice will be sent.

Revisions: we offer two revision rounds. For more info please read Revision Rounds in the FAQ below.



Please read the following information carefully.

The information listed above is broken down further in these points here.

If you have any questions contact us.


Domain Registration and Hosting

We now offer Email and Web hosting!

Visit to see our packages

Please note: When we register your domain you will need to pay R95* for the domain registration and R95* renewal fee annually thereafter. 

* domain or similar SA/local domain

Back-end Installation & Configuration

We design websites using WordPress.

We install a number of plugins and a theme. These files need to be kept up to date. We recommend a monthly support fee to ensure the smooth running of your website. Click here to read more. 

Revision Rounds

The standard is 2 x minor revisions.

This means changing an image, changing the background colour or replacing words.

If you require more changes please let us know how many changes you will need and we will send you an estimation.


We will create 2 email accounts for you right now.

But, should you require more, we will assist you for R50 per new email account created.

This fee includes:

  1. The creation of the email account
  2. Assigning a secure email password
  3. Saving all the information in a word document and
  4. Sending Account Set-up info

If you need to reset a password etc. please email to do so.

What if I already have a Domain?

There are 2 options here:

Either you can Transfer your domain to us (see packages here)

Or you can keep your domain with your current provider. As long as your hosting provider has a  c-panel. Then we can still do our installations on the back-end and design your site.

Please be sure to send us the URL and login details.

Additional Edits

If you would like more changes or edits once the website is done we can assist you with that. Let us know what changes you would like and we will send you an estimation.

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