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Domain Registration

Need a domain registered?

We can help you register your unique business domain with any suffix.

We offer in-house hosting solutions read more about the offerings here


Compiling your content can be so daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ll help you with an easy-to-complete document listing all the pages of your site and the information needed per page.


We’ll begin design once we receive all the content: information, pricing, and specs in a Word document; photos & images with rights to use them; product/service brochures; branding elements like logo, colours and fonts.

Reviews & approvals

Periodically we will email links to pages we would like you to review. This is the time to double-check the info, specifications, details and pricing. Any changes we need to make please send all changes via email.

There are 2 revisions per page.


Your site is complete – now what?

We go live and launch it🚀🎉

We will design a launch graphic that you can use in an email or on social media.

We can also report on the launch to see how successful it was.

Support & Maintenance

Support: We will monitor and update all backend services, plug-ins, and security to ensure the smooth running of your site with monthly visitor reports.

Maintenance: 30 min/m used to update info, pricing, brochures and newsletters. View Pricing


We recommend using us as your hosting provider. It allows us to seamlessly design and maintain your site.

View our hosting packages –

Excellent and competitive Pricing. Easy debit order.

Hands-on service helping you with all your website and email queries.

Back-end services are kept up to date ensuring smooth running and no downtime.

Easily create website backups. Saving on and offline.

No hidden fees or costs

Safe, secure and fast!

Already have a site but need some edits?

If you already have a website and are looking for an energetic company to help you make changes to your current website we will be thrilled to assist you.


We will need access to your existing website:

  1. URL to cPanel
  2. Admin username
  3. Password.


Details of changes needed per page

Please send all changes needed via email. All text is to be in a Word document. 

Images/photos to be sent in high resolution. 


Links to pages will be emailed to you for final review. Once approved the site will go live with the new changes.

 A launch graphic can be created on request. 

Website Pricing

The pricing table below is for premade themes only. If you need a customised website to meet corporate guidelines, please let us know so we can quote accordingly.

Customised Themes vs Premade Themes

Udezine can create bespoke and dynamic pages. If you need your website to align with your brand we can definitely do that for you. 

The CMS (content management system) we use also has Premade layouts. These pages are already designed. We will tweak them to better align with your branding and colour scheme. Then we insert product images and info into the provided spots and it’s done. 

The premade layouts will result in a quicker turn-around time as the bespoke designs do take much longer to match your CI.

Are you ready to get started?

We are thrilled to get started with your website.

Please fill in the form and we will contact you.

If you have all the info and want to get started right away, email us at ✉️ 

To contact us visit the contacts page

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The Nerdy Bits

Visitor Tracking

Using Google Analytics we are able to send detailed reports about the visitors to your site.

From Gender, location, and device, to which pages they visited and lingered on the longest.

Having this knowledge at your fingertips lets you know which pages are not important vs pages that you need to focus more on. Which articles/blogs are more frequently read and to make more on that topic etc. It’s very insightful.

Hacker Prevention

Yes, you read correctly. Hackers… if you have a presence online, you are open to hacking.

We install a free online security plugin. This helps block these attacks and tells you not only where they tried to log in to your site from, but also what usernames they tried.

Knowing these user names helps us know what usernames we should try to create for profiles login to your WordPress site.

The common ‘Admin’ is way too easy so we need to be smarter.

The internals: Databases, PHP

WordPress runs on PHP with SQL databases. This CMS platform is very user-friendly.

We will handle can all the backend services to ensure the smooth running of your site*.


*With a support and maintenance plan

Terminology used

Web Browser: These are applications on your computer used to access the internet. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, safari and many more.

URL: Just as buildings and houses have a street address, webpages also have unique addresses to help people locate them. On the Internet, these addresses are called URLs (Uniform Resource Locators).

Domain: A domain name is a human-friendly address, sometimes called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address. It was created to make IP, or Internet Protocol, addresses more accessible and easier to remember.

Prefix: in this case is www.: world wide web. A prefix is any word, letter or number placed before another word, letter or number

Suffix: in this case is .com Suffix is any word, letter or number placed after word, letter or number.

Bounce Rate: when a visitor clicks onto a website and exits almost immediately.

Google Analytics: This is a platform Google has provided Web developers to gain insights on the performance of the website. A unique code is added onto every page of the website. The data collected has no personal information about the visitors. Only general info is collected like: Pages visited, time on the page, device used to access the website and the origin of the visit.

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