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What is a Logo?

It is a mark or symbol that can contain words, images, and colours that identify a brand or product.

Logos could be all different shapes and sizes, they can also be just text called: logotypes or be completely abstract but have a deeper meaning.

Did you know: LOGO is an abbreviation and stands for
Language of Graphics-oriented?


New Logo Design

Creating a brand new logo for your business or product.

Logo Re-design

This is for established businesses that want to freshen up their logo.

Logo Digitisation

Re-drawing an existing logo for use on large prints or digitally.

What will you receive?

We often get asked, “What files will I get?” Here is a quick breakdown of the file types and uses. If you need a specific file type, please let us know in advance.


We will send the logo in a high-resolution pdf for printing

Transparent PNG

for use on all Office programmes, your Website, Social Media and more.

Logo Style Guide

Containing all the design information about your logo.

our Work

Before you work with us, here are a few logos we’ve made for customers.

Udezine Portfolio Image 0001 PrestigePoolsLogo 01
Udezine Portfolio Image 0020 VeggieWaggonLogo Mockup
Udezine Portfolio
Udezine Portfolio Image 0014 Logo Mockup square
Udezine Portfolio Image 0027 TNTFules LogoW
Udezine Portfolio Image 0024 CVS Business cards
Udezine Portfolio Image 0011 CONFIDENTIA MEDIATION LOGO
Udezine Portfolio Image 0023 Logo Mockup papebg
Udezine Portfolio Image 0012 SeesterGemeente Logo Ver FullColour rgb 01


When do you need a professional logo?

When starting a new business your logo is the icon that represents your business to everyone. 

A brilliantly designed logo generally makes your business appear more professional and should help the client make a connection with the brand.

How much is a logo?

The pricing on this generally depends on a few factors.

  • Time to redraw the image or text if it isn’t an existing font.
  • Research time to find the graphic or font used.
  • If the graphic is a royalty-free image – there is an additional charge.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a ‘Logo Design Document’ that we email you to complete so we can learn more about your business.

When is a logo redraw needed?

A logo redraw is required when a digital replication of an existing logo is required for high-quality printing.

When to redraw or digitise your logo
  • You want to use your logo on a large design like a poster or billboard and it looks fuzzy when you enlarge it.
  • If you don’t have a high-resolution file of your existing logo.
  • When you send your logo to printers or embroidery and they state they can’t use your logo, you need to send a better quality file of your logo which might give you specs like jpg, png and must be 2MB.
  • Your current logo is too dark and you want to display your logo on a dark background (or the reverse)
What is a 'Brand Style Guide'?

Brand style guide contain the composition, design, and general look-and-feel (Fonts and colours used) of your company’s branding.

Brand guidelines can dictate the content of a logo, blog, website, advertisement, and similar marketing collateral.

This ensures your brands consistency across all platforms.

This document is used by all designers alike

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Why are logos so expensive?


A Logo is a one-time purchase that serves your business for many years.

The added benefit of your logo being on all merchandise from here on will increase its worth and before you know it, people could pay you thousands if not millions to feature your logo on their products one day. – wouldn’t that be awesome?!

We don’t know what the future holds, your business may become a multimillion-rand company or like some small businesses fail after 3 years. But does this mean the designer should be short-paid?

There was a story that went around stating the person that designed the Nike logo in the early 70swas only paid a couple of dollars. The logo is now worth billions – the story goes on to say the designer was never compensated properly for this high-valued design. 

Turns out, she initially charged them $35 for the 17 hours of work and they later gave her shares in the business worth a million dollars! 

I found the accurate story: read it here  

Here’s the original sketch as well. So interesting.

Original Nike Logo designed in the 70s