Office Stationery

is a blanket statement for all stationery used in business/office environments. 

This includes but is not limited to:

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Business Cards

Remain one of the most popular ways to increase brand identity and share contact information

Excel Documents

We create branded Quote and Invoice templates for you to professionally send out formal documents. 

Company Profile

is a beautifully designed and branded folder that introduces a business’s mission, goals, vision, and history.


Business Branding at the top of a piece of paper used for writing official letters.

PowerPoint Templates

Custom-designed PowerPoint templates with your branding for your next presentation.


Employee of the month, Salesperson of the year. Let your staff know they are appreciated!

Email Signatures

Positioned at the bottom of all emails containing your contact details & business branding

Editable Forms

Forms that can be completed on your PC. Including dropdown & check-box options.


The modern business world is completely digital. We are able to communicate with one another through the use of messaging apps and video calls.

In the year 2023, do traditional printed business cards still hold any value or have digital substitutes completely supplanted them?

Even though business cards have been around for a century, their usefulness has not diminished. These business cards continue to be the quickest, most straightforward, and easiest way to market your company while also exchanging contact information with other people.

As a direct consequence of this, companies all around the world produce an estimated 100 billion cards each year.

So, one can utilise business cards at the following venues:

  • Networking events
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Trade shows, and
  • Social gatherings

Read more here: 10 Benefits of Business Cards

Double sided Business card design
WAC Letterhead 1


Infuse your letterhead design with your brand

  • Your company logo: your logo is the identity of your business. Your logo will be the first thing/image your clients will see when they look at your letterhead.
  • Business details: your company name, address, contact details and your payoff line. Most importantly, you will need to have your trading name, your registration number and your CEO/MD/Directors names.
  • Colour scheme: your corporate colour to represent your brand.
  • Border and Background designs: this is completely your call. Think about the personality of your brand.
  • The outcome: after the design has been approved. And payments made. I will send the artwork in a high-resolution PDF if you would like to professionally print them as well as a workable Word file.

email signatures

What is a professional email signature?

Professional email signatures are like digital business cards placed at the bottom of emails. They usually include your full name, company details, and contact information.

HTML Links: Email senders can also add more interactive elements, such as links to the company website and social media platforms. 

Add advertising banners for marketing and other business purposes.

WAC EmailSignature 1
WAC Invoice 1

Excel documents

Auto-calculating Quote or Invoice Excel documents!
Yes, we can completely customise your Excel document with your brand!

We have also ensured these documents have auto calculations per line and it includes VAT @15%!

What do we need to make your quote or invoice document?

  • Your Company Logo
  • Business details
    • Company & Trading Name
    • Address both Physical and Postal
    • Contact details
    • Registration number
  • Colour scheme
  • Other Info in the:
    • Banking Details 
    • Payment Terms
    • Additional Terms and Conditions
    • Notes

our Work

Before you work with us, here are a few logos we’ve made for customers.

Udezine Portfolio Image 0018 EF BagInstallguide
BusinessCard OldMutual
BusinessCard UD
BusinessCard PT


When do you need a professional logo?

When starting a new business your logo is the icon that represents your business to everyone. 

A brilliantly designed logo generally makes your business appear more professional and should help the client make a connection with the brand.

How much is a logo?

The pricing on this generally depends on a few factors.

  • Time to redraw the image or text if it isn’t an existing font.
  • Research time to find the graphic or font used.
  • If the graphic is a royalty-free image – there is an additional charge.

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a ‘Logo Design Document’ that we email you to complete so we can learn more about your business.

When is a logo redraw needed?

A logo redraw is required when a digital replication of an existing logo is required for high-quality printing.

When to redraw or digitise your logo
  • You want to use your logo on a large design like a poster or billboard and it looks fuzzy when you enlarge it.
  • If you don’t have a high-resolution file of your existing logo.
  • When you send your logo to printers or embroidery and they state they can’t use your logo, you need to send a better quality file of your logo which might give you specs like jpg, png and must be 2MB.
  • Your current logo is too dark and you want to display your logo on a dark background (or the reverse)
What is a 'Brand Style Guide'?

Brand style guide contain the composition, design, and general look-and-feel (Fonts and colours used) of your company’s branding.

Brand guidelines can dictate the content of a logo, blog, website, advertisement, and similar marketing collateral.

This ensures your brands consistency across all platforms.

This document is used by all designers alike

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