We’ve received loads of questions about how we make websites.
Here are a few of your questions – answered.


1. What do you use to make a website?

We use WordPress. Why? Simply because the traditional way of designing websites takes about 10X longer. With WordPress we can build a site in a week*. We use a design platform from called DIVI from Elegant Themes. This fully customisable design tool has to be one of the best design platforms we’ve used to design all our websites.


2. What’s the first thing you do when you create a new site?

Firstly we will need access to your C-panel so we can install the WordPress CMS. Set up users and passwords. Install DIVI. Then we jump onto your WordPress site and activate DIVI and assign your unique API key from my DIVI license.


3. What other apps or plugins do you install?

These are the plugins we install:

  • SeedProd: For the coming soon page
  • Wordfence: Security for the site against hackers
  • Yoast SEO: For SEO optimisation of your website
  • PrettyLinks: For personalised, short URL’s that can be tracked and reported on
  • Google Site Kit: To add your Google Analytics and use some of Googles other services.


4. What if I want to work or make changes on my website?

Its your website, you do own it and if you would like to login to the backend we have no issues giving you the username and password. But.. yes, there’s a but. If you make any changes to the site that might break the pages, links, media or plugins there will be an additional fee to fix what you’ve broken. We are also happy to create a training session where we will show you how to build pages.


5. What are the monthly charges for?


We need to keep the site in check by updating plugins, themes, backing up the site, etc. But the main check and the place we spend most of our time is Security. Making sure the hackers aren’t trying to crack your site by keeping your Wordfence up to date and checking the settings, running security checks to keep attackers at bay.

The most exciting check is the looking at your Google Analytics. I will generate and compile this report to show you your websites activity, pages viewed etc. This data is so insightful because it tells us which pages your visitors are accessing, what they are searching for on your site. This can even tell us which pages we should be focusing on and which pages we don’t need to spend as much time on. Also some technical info for us, which devices your visitors are using, where they are viewing your site from (If you are trying to target an area and that area isn’t featured on that list, then we know we need to add more SEO and Google Ads to fix that issue)



If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or give us a call.


*This time frame is an average. A business card site (one page) can be done within a day and some multi-page sites can take 2 weeks sometimes longer depending on the amount of info.

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